Geocycle Egypt Inaugurates Its Waste Management Platform in Sokhna

With EGP200 Million investments

and 400,000 Tons of Alternative Fuel Production Capacity

Geocycle Egypt Inaugurates Its Waste Management Platform in Sokhna


Cairo- 18th of April 2019:  Geocycle Egypt- the leading provider of waste management solutions and member of LafargeHolcim Group, with its subsidiary Lafarge Egypt- inaugurated its waste management platform in Al Ain El Sokhna, Suez Governorate, today. Prominent stakeholders working in the field of waste management in Egypt attended the opening ceremony. 


Geocycle Platform was built following the latest technology in the field of waste management with total investments of EGP 200 million thus making it the largest platform for the Group in the Middle East and Africa region. The platform receives the non-hazardous agriculture, industrial and municipal wastes, as raw materials, from various governorates from around Egypt. Afterwards, these raw materials get converted into high quality fuels which are reused as alternatives for mazut, diesel, and gas. The platform promises an annual production capacity of 400,000 tons of alternative fuel in its final form that is to be used in the cement production process at Lafarge Egypt cement plant in Al Ain El Sokhna.


On this occasion, Lafarge Egypt's CEO, said: “Waste management has become a global challenge. There are wastes that could be recycled finding a solution for the problem, while others are non-recyclable and represent a challenge. Through our arm, Geocycle for wastes management, we believe we are part of the solution. Stemming from out deep concern towards sustainability and as we are keen to find alternative fuels for our plant in Al Ain El Sokhna, we converted the wastes challenge into an opportunity. This was carried out through the investments of EGP 200 million to rationalize our fossil fuels consumption and contribute to the preservation of natural resources for the coming generations.”


The inauguration of Geocycle Egypt platform in Al Ain El Sokhna comes in alignment with the Egyptian government vision 2030 on sustainability and is also consistent with the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Environment in establishing clean communities through eliminating the wastes problems by supporting recycling, assisting strategic projects with economic, social, and environmental impact and encouraging the industrial sector to use alternative and clean fuels to preserve the environment. Geocycle Egypt is a member in the National Solid Waste Management Program. The company offers its services in managing the non-hazardous wastes to more than 40 industrial corporations working in Egypt. Geocycle has a positive social and environmental impact on the communities where it operates, either through the reduction of the green house effect resulting from landfills, or through providing direct or indirect working opportunities for the non-formal sector working in garbage sorting. Garbage collectors have become part of the system today therefore, Geocycle offers them the necessary health and safety training and also provides the vaccines and equipment to help them work safely. 


About Geocycle Egypt

Geocycle Egypt is a member of LafargeHolcim, the global building materials and solutions company. Geocycle started operating in Egypt in 2011, under the brand name “Ecocem” with the objective of feeding Lafarge cement plant with Refused-derived Fuel (RDF) as an alternative to fossil fuel to respond to disruptions of the local energy sector. Coming in line with Egyptian ecological regulations, Geocycle meticulously chose RDF waste management solutions for their economically saving and environmental friendly nature.

Geocycle has three platforms for wastes’ treatment in Al Qalyubia, Suez, and Al Sharqeya. This is in addition to the platform established in Al Ain El Sokhna following the most updated technologies in this field.

About Lafarge Egypt

Lafarge Egypt, a member of LafargeHolcim, is a key player in the construction materials industry. With its plant located in Sokhna, the company provides products and solutions that are essential in creating the structures that shape our landscape today. Powered by more than 2,000 employees, and through its established business in cement, concrete and bags manufacturing, Lafarge Egypt is committed to providing sustainable building materials to meet the needs of its customers, whether it be individual home builders, large construction companies, architects or local artisans.