We seek to empower people and communities through our innovative, sustainable building materials and solutions to build a better future.

We create social value linked to our business through the community initiatives we lead.

Cleaning the Beaches of Baltim from Plastic

Geocycle Egypt continues its collaboration with Kafr El Sheikh governorate and civil society, to serve the community by cleaning Baltim Beach, with the goal to reduce plastic leakage to the sea, and environmental contamination, contributing to the efforts to mitigate the effects of global warming and reducing the use of imported virgin fossil feedstock in cement manufacturing.

The environmental community service activity is implemented under the auspices of Egyptian Ministries and Kafr El Sheikh Governorate, jointly contributing efforts to serve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and achieve Egypt Vision 2030.

Local youth volunteers have remarkably supported their governorate, cleaning up a 3 km² beach, and collecting an average of 80,000 plastic bottles. The clean-up initiative specifically addresses Sustainable Development Goal 13 (SDG 13) pertaining to climate action, which is one of 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 SDG indicators.

Rehabilitating Kafr El-Sheikh Road Network

Lafarge Egypt financed the pavement of 5000 square meters of roads serving 2500 citizens, in the city of Baltim, in the governorate of Kafr El Sheikh. This initiative was implemented using Lafarge Egypt’s innovative green sustainable materials “Hydraulic Road Binder” over two months. Lafarge Egypt brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to this project, capitalizing on its industrial experience and research capacity in the implementation of this project.

This initiative improves the accessibility of citizens to utilities and connects the different villages to the major road, and facilitates the commute for children going to school in neighbouring villages. This effort is aligned with the company’s commitment to developing its surrounding communities and in fulfilment of SDG 11 titled “Sustainable Cities and Communities”.

This project is aligned with the commitments of Lafarge Egypt to the development of its surrounding communities and advancing sustainable development and in compliance with Holcim Group’s principles of sustainability.

Supporting Women and Girls in Ezbet El Walda

Lafarge Egypt launched an initiative in partnership with three local non-governmental organizations (NGOs) which consists of a literacy program and a small enterprise to support more than 500 women. This initiative showcases the commitment of Lafarge Egypt to the advancement of gender equality and women empowerment and in fulfilment of SDG 5 titled “gender equality”.

This project supports more than 500 women through a literacy program and capacitates the women with practical knowledge and skills to empower them to start their home-based businesses. The project also features a sewing center that provided training for all participants, and more than 90 additional women were enrolled in the program. The success rate of the program is reflected in the betterment of the quality of life of the female participants who took part in this project.

Partnering with the Egyptian Food Bank

The longstanding partnership between Lafarge Egypt and the Egyptian Food Bank spans more than a decade. The two entities have signed a protocol of cooperation to help fight hunger in Egypt’s poorest regions and support communal development through a range of activities including developmental engagements, awareness raising, and educational and feeding programs

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lafarge Egypt launched a fundraising program to support the Egyptian Food Bank to finance 2000 feeding boxes for families of daily workers that were affected by the crisis in the governorate of Qalyubia. The initiative also included a partnership with the Egyptian Cure Bank to reform 460 ventilators in public hospitals across the country.

Rebuilding Aswan Homes

The floods that hit the governorate of Aswan in 2010 had devastating impacts on the people of Aswan, disrupting roads and destroying homes which left hundreds of people homeless. Lafarge Egypt responded swiftly to the crisis to restore the homes that were damaged by the floods and took the initiative to repair and rebuild 400 homes in the small town of Aakab in Aswan.