Sustainable Development


We believe that our CSR engagement should not only be an enabler to help us fulfill our social targets, but also a mean to add value to our business, Lafarge follows the Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Agenda 2030, in implementing its development projects that focus on  eradicating  poverty, health care, education, training  and protecting  the environment.

We engage in different types of CSR such as, sponsorship, partnership, SSIs projects (strategic social investments) & donation to support certain causes that are aligned with Lafarge Egypt areas of focus (Education, Health & Safety,  Training & Employment,  Environment & Shelter/Infrastructure).

Lafarge Egypt aims to assess local needs and partner with local stakeholders around its operations in order to contribute to areas in need of economic development, as well encourage and support  of enhancing volunteering culture among its employees.

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Community Development

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Employment & Income Generation

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