With leading the cement market in Egypt, our cement segment is at the core of enabling our Egypt’s urbanization and growth to improve living standards for all. Putting sustainability at our core, we offer the broadest range of green cement, ECOPlanet, delivering low-carbon and circular benefits with no compromise on performance, Shatbna Product, and Momtaz Pozzolanic Cement.

ECOPlanet and ECOPlanet Prime

Highest performance and durability in aggressive environment

Shatbna Masonry Cement

Finishing Applications (Plastering, Brick Laying, Screeds) Precast Elements (Masonry Blocks, Roof Tiles, & Paving Stones) Reducion of coating layers.

El-Momtaz SRC

It is used in all concrete constructions such as reinforced concrete foundations, sewage drainage tanks, bridge foundations with features of High Resistance to Sulphates Lower heat of hydration

El-Momtaz Pozzolana

The best cement for normal structural concrete applications Concrete works :Residential ,Commercial,Roads Br,idges Airports & Railways factory precast concrete elements, and prefabricated concrete units