Communications & Corporate Affairs Director, Lafarge Egypt




Dr. Bakr joined Lafarge Egypt in early 2020 as Communication & Corporate Affairs Director, and she previously worked at Lafarge Egypt as a Communications Director before joining again in 2020.

She is the former Executive Director of the Cement Division in the Federation of Egyptian Industries. Dr. Bakr received numerous awards and accolades from the Cement Industry, where she was a speaker in numerous conferences as she shed light on the challenges and opportunities of the industry. Those conferences include Intercem (Dubai/Cairo), Cemetech (Dubai), Coalatrans(Cairo), and Building Materials (Cairo).

She has also served as a civil servant in the Egyptian Government as Former Assistant to the Minister of International Cooperation where she was in charge of International Economic Cooperation with Canada and the Americas.

Dr. Bakr has a rich academic career with international publications and lectures in various reputable institutions worldwide. She sits on the Advisory Board of the Egyptian Center for Strategic Studies (ECSS), Kemet Boutros Ghali Foundation, and The Arab Network for Tolerance. She is also a member of the Egyptian Council of Foreign Affairs, a member of the National Council of Human Rights (2022/2026), and a member of the Committee of Citizenship & Human Rights at the Supreme Council of Culture (2022/2025).




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