Lafarge Egypt, member of Holcim Group launches “Explore 2022” summer internship program

Building capabilities of youth in line with Egypt Vision 2030

Jimmy Khan, Chief Executive Officer of Lafarge Egypt, member of Holcim Group: “Explorer 2022 is designed as an extension or a complement to classroom training that aims to expose young trainees to the world of work and provide hands-on professional experience. Our internship program targets to provide youth with valuable work experience and helps enhance their professional skills, while allows us to see the contribution they can make to our success. Explore 2022 presents our core values to build progress for people and the planet.”

Dr. Noha Bakr, Communications & Corporate Affairs Director at Lafarge Egypt, member of Holcim Group: “We are actively working on bridging the gap between academia and industry, where ‘Explore 2022’ comes to unlock a gateway to industry exposure, refining the students’ skills and work experience.

Cairo – Lafarge Egypt, a member of Holcim Group, announced the launch of its training program ‘Explore 2022’ for university students, with the aim of developing their capabilities and skills to be qualified for the job market demands. The program was designed to undergraduate students from several fields including: engineering, chemistry and geology, marketing, law, business, digital media, economics, accounting, computer science. The program offers a unique opportunity for students to obtain experience empowering them to build expertise in their professional field of passion.

The new-fledged internship initiative is a new addition within the framework of Lafarge Egypt corporate social responsibility efforts.

Lafarge Egypt has been for years  investing in serving it’s community through its corporate social responsibility programs:  in the field of health, through medical convoys to rural areas, empowering women through illiteracy programs, and skills learning, environment protection through cleaning beaches from plastic & raising awareness through training programs provided to journalists on green building and human rights and environmental justice and most recently empowering youth through providing the internship program “Explore 2022”.


About Lafarge Egypt:

Lafarge Egypt, a member of Holcim Group, is a key player in the construction materials industry. With its plant located in Sokhna, the company provides products and solutions that are essential in creating the structures that shape our landscape today. Powered by more than 1500 employees, and through its established business in cement, and concrete. Lafarge Egypt is committed to providing sustainable building materials to meet the needs of its customers, whether it be individual home builders, large construction companies, architects or local artisans.