Lafarge in egypt


Lafarge is a leading producer of building materials in Egypt. Lafarge products - cement, concrete and aggregates (sand and gravel) - are essential in creating the structures that shape our landscape, from homes to hospitals, bridges, roads and monuments.

Building solutions

Lafarge works with all actors in the building industry of Egypt, from do-it-yourself builders to large construction companies, architects and local artisans. Whether supplying high-quality cement to a craftsman or helping leading architects explore and deliver creative possibilities, Lafarge Egypt is committed to providing solutions that fit the needs of all its clients.

Building Better Cities

Lafarge Egypt clients benefit from the technical expertise and product innovation that are the hallmarks of Lafarge, an international leader in building materials with a global presence and over 175 years of experience. In Egypt, Lafarge offers a range of innovative, high-performance products - from Artevia®, a collection of decorative concretes, to Agilia®, a highly fluid, labor-saving concrete that flows easily into any form using gravity alone.    

A national network

Present in Egypt since 2008, Lafarge Egypt employs about 2500 employees countrywide.