All about aggregates


At the beginning of the 20th century, production of aggregates was minimal and its uses limited. Today, aggregates are produced in every country, and aggregates production tonnage ranks first in the nonfuel minerals industry.

The nation's economy and our quality of life are built on this foundation.
Lafarge Aggregate Quarries currently has 6 sites strategically located to support all of Egypt. 2009 production is close to 3 million tons.

Lafarge Aggregate Quarries is recognized in the production of very high quality aggregates. The dolomite aggregate sources are recognized as the best in Egypt. The production process includes many screening steps that produce excellent gradation; this allows Lafarge to consistently exceed very strict standards required in road building, asphalt, and ready mix concrete.

Lafarge owns a large fleet of Aggregate delivery trucks giving us the ability to supply the highest standard of aggregates rapidly and on time in large quantities, as required for all size construction projects, road building, asphalt and concrete production. The network of delivery trucks available is by far the largest in Egypt.


Discover the origin of the term, the history of their use and everything you ever wanted to know about aggregates.    

Manufacturing process

Details of every phase of the manufacturing process, from sources of supply and extraction to crushing, grinding and screening.    


Aggregates terminology

Every profession has its technical jargon. Understand the terminology related to the manufacture and use of aggregates.