Creating high-performance, environmentally friendly products that are durable and easy to use, respond to clients' expectations, and anticipate future needs: these are just some of the challenges facing Lafarge's Research & Development teams.

Innovative products for the building sector

Innovation is a strategic driver for Lafarge, which is known for developing cutting-edge, high-performance products for the building sector. Lafarge brings state-of-the-art research and industry-leading innovation to each of its business lines.

Lafarge concretes exemplify the customer-driven innovation that helps make Lafarge the industry leader:

  • Agilia®, a self-placing, self-leveling concrete that does not require vibration, thus reducing cost, effort and noise on building sites,
  • Chronolia™, which develops extremely high mechanical resistance soon after pouring, doubling the daily cycles of form setting and stripping,
  • Ductal®, the ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete, with 6-8 times the compressive resistance and 10 times the flexural strength of traditional concrete,
  • Artevia®, a range of decorative concretes for outdoor applications,
  • Extensia™, designed to limit cracking in floors and reduce the number of expansion joints.


Agilia® offers a revolution on the work site. Easy-to-use Agilia® flows into the smallest nooks, matching any shape perfectly. Its fluid texture eliminates the tiresome and noisy task of vibrating concrete to make it spread evenly - saving time and energy and reducing noise for workers and neighbors.

Chronolia™, for an ultra-quick set

Chronolia™ concrete considerably improves working conditions on building sites. Its high mechanical resistance means it hardens within 4 hours, versus 12 hours for normal concrete.


Ductal®, an ultra-high performance, fiber-reinforced concrete with 2 to 4% metallic or organic fibers, offers exceptional performance:

  • compression resistance 6 to 8 times greater than conventional concrete
  • high ductility
  • fluidity and ease of pour
  • longevity 2 to 3 times that of conventional concrete
  • high resistance to corrosion, abrasion and shocks 

The product of 10 years of research, Ductal® is a highly versatile, environmentally friendly material recognized by architects and engineers for its aesthetic and its structural qualities.

Focus on environmentally friendly innovations

Increasingly, Lafarge is developing products with a reduced impact on the environment. For instance, Extensia™ offers several advantages for sustainability:

  • it does not require steel reinforcement,
  • it consumes less energy during the pour,
  • it offers excellent resistance to wear and tear, limiting future maintenance and eliminating the need for a protective top coat.