Cairo festival city recognizes lafarge for the delivery of 150 000m3 zero defect concrete





    Cairo, Egypt, July 28th, 2010 - Today in an event held at Cairo Festival City, the development celebrated the successful delivery of 150,000 m3 of zero defect structural concrete for Festival Centre. Based on the collaborative work between Al Futtaim Carillon, Orascom CI Joint Venture and Lafarge Egypt, the structural concrete has been progressively delivered over the last two years starting in October 2008.


Elaborating on the importance of this concrete for Festival Centre, Cairo Festival City's Managing Director, Mohamed El Mikawi, said "Zero defect concrete is a crucial element of any high quality development and because of the expansive retail district that Cairo Festival City will eventually be offering, Lafarge certainly faced a challenge; a challenge which I am happy to say they successfully met. This event marks the first milestone in our endeavor to achieve high quality standards, which we aim to implement across all sectors of our development. Providing the highest levels of quality throughout our development is a key objective for Cairo Festival City and we pride ourselves on being pioneers within the industry, by constantly pushing for higher industry standards".


The concrete which was delivered in compliance with international project specifications highlights the highest quality of concrete structure available in the real estate market. By focusing on the technical pouring of these concrete structures, Al-Futtaim Carillion Orascom CI Joint Venture with Lafarge was able to ensure all 150,000 m3 of the structural concrete was safely delivered defect free from a batch plant in compliance with Egyptian Environmental Law. Overcoming a common problem faced by the Egyptian real estate and construction industries, the collaborative project ensured Festival Centre received a standard of "Excellent" from the American Concrete Institute for the consistency of concrete delivery.


Speaking on behalf of Lafarge, Mohamed Yehia, CEO and General Manager, Lafarge Readymix Egypt said "We are extremely pleased to be one of the only companies in the Egyptian market to be able to deliver world class quality concrete. As part of the worldwide Lafarge Group, we pride ourselves for our commitment to safety and technical excellence leading the way for innovative products and high customer service standards. This is what we are working towards, and the delivery of this 150,000 m3 of concrete is a testament to the important steps we are already taking."


The delivery of this structural concrete marks a significant landmark in the progress of Festival Centre. Expected to open in 2012, Festival Centre will be Egypt's first indoor-outdoor retail experience and has already raised the interest of many international retailers including, Carrefour, IKEA and Toys R US to name just a few.


About Cairo Festival City:
Cairo Festival City media release, July 2010Spanning 3 million square meters Cairo Festival City is a

visionary mixed use urban community strategically located just 15 minutes from Cairo International Airport. Cairo Festival City features Cairo's first indoor-outdoor retail and entertainment resort combined with luxury residential communities, prime office spaces, internationally renowned hotels, schools and an automotive park all set within a lush landscaped environment.