Lafarge cement egypt inaugurates new phase of mubarak specialized charitable hospital development project





Patronized by Dr. Ahmed Fathy Sorour, Head of the Peoples' Assembly, and attended by Dr. Hatem Elgabaly, Minister of of Health and Dr. Abdelazeem Wazeer, Cairo Governor ...


Lafarge Cement Egypt inaugurates new phase of Mubarak Specialized Charitable Hospital Development Project at a cost of EGP 1,250,000Ahmed Shebl: Supplying the three developed units with required equipment is among our highest priorities towards societyHaving strong faith in the social role of business corporations in the development of local and regional societies, Lafarge Cement Egypt, a global leading manufacturer of cement and building materials, has announced today the inauguration of the new phase of the Mubarak Specialized Charitable Hospital Development Project, located at Sayyeda Zeinab at the heart of Cairo. The new phase includes the Neonates & Premature Division, the Intensive Care Unit, Dialysis Unit and is patronized by Dr. Ahmed Fathy Sorour, Head of the Peoples' Assembly and Chairman of Egyptian Association for Social and Cultural Development.


The inauguration ceremony has been attended by Dr. Ahmed Fathy Sorour, Head of the Peoples' Assembly, Dr. Hatem Elgabaly, Minister of of Health and Dr. Abdelazeem Wazeer, Cairo Governor, Dr. Hossam Kamel, Cairo University Chancellor, Dr. Sameh Farid, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Chairman of Cairo University Hospitals & Chairman of Mubarak Specialized Charitable Hospital.Eng. Ahmed Shebl, Lafarge Managing Director and General Manager, has expressed satisfaction with the current positive results and noted that Lafarge lays much emphasis and special interest in the diverse essential fields in the company's societies of operation. As the health sector comes on top of Lafarge's priorities, succeeded by education and environment areas, Lafarge has donated the value of all medical appliances required for the development of the renewed units at a total cost of EGP 1,250,000.


"We pride ourselves for such cooperation with Mubarak Specialized Charitable Hospital as well as for the resulting enhancement of the medical and health services delivered to the denizens of the district. Such tangible achievement has been the key driver for our success. Lafarge is always keen to achieve more actively contributions as represented in today's announcement that the Company shall supply the Hospital with medical equipments with a total value of EGP 350, 000.


It is noteworthy that Mubarak Specialized Charitable Hospital is a remarkable medical center providing best level of services for the district-based population at symbolic fees. The Hospital is located at the heart of Old Cairo at a district called Telal Zenhom at Al-Sayyeda Nefeissa. District population is almost 1.5 million people. Hospital services are also provided to other districts including Al-Sayyeda Aisha, Imam Al-Shafie, Ein Alseerah, Almadbah and Misr Al-Qadeemah.