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Lafarge is confirming its commitment to sustainable construction by supporting the building of a low-energy home in France. This is an opportunity for the Group to demonstrate its expertise in terms of product innovation.

Making sustainable construction a priority

The world's population is due to grow by 33% by 2050, to 9 billion. Homes, workplaces and transport infrastructure will be needed for 2 billion extra people. It will therefore be necessary to build, but differently, since the building sector alone is responsible for around 37% of energy consumption and 40% of CO2 emissions globally.

Lafarge is fully aware of this situation and incorporated sustainable construction into its strategy at a very early stage. The aim is to limit as far as possible buildings' environmental impact while preserving their attractiveness and comfort.

The Group uses 2 main levers to achieve this:

  • Innovation: more than 50% of R&D investments are devoted to sustainable construction.
  • An active partnership approach: sustainable construction responds to major economic, social and environmental challenges which involve the whole construction sector. That is why Lafarge is working with many players in the sector to make buildings more sustainable.