Ethics & governance


Good governance is an integral part of sustainable development. At Lafarge, governance is based on strong ethical principles.

Lafarge’s shared values

Lafarge's values are shared by all of our employees around the world. They are encapsulated in the Lafarge Way, which is founded on a set of fundamental values: integrity, commitment, courage and consideration for others.

The Lafarge Way is based on three guiding principles:

  • making our people successful: Lafarge aims to help everyone succeed,

  • focusing on performance improvement: Lafarge continually seeks to improve its products and services,

  • "multilocal" organization: Lafarge's operations are local but are closely tied to our global strategy.

Executive Committee meeting, January 23, 2006, Paris, France


Governance is the set of rules (both legislative and internal) that determine the way a company conducts its business. Governance is designed to guarantee transparency, oversight and ethics in business.

A code of business conduct

The code of business conduct sets certain standards of behavior for all employees and executives of Lafarge, as well as for suppliers of goods and services. The code is designed to build trust at all levels.

This code of conduct applies to all of Lafarge's relationships with:

  • its employees,

  • its customers,

  • its suppliers,

  • all local communities where Lafarge operates,

  • its shareholders.

A dedicated telephone line is available for employees to report any violations of this code.