Initiatives & partnerships

Lafarge is both a global player and a local actor. In Egypt, Lafarge products are manufactured locally using local materials by local people. 

This helps us to respond to the needs of the local market quickly and to ensure that our products are perfectly adapted to that market.

Creating a community based on shared values

Employees in Lafarge Egypt and throughout Lafarge share the common values outlined in the Lafarge Way, relying on them to:

  • define common rules for all employees, e.g. in the area of health and safety,

  • develop the skills of every person,

  • encourage a spirit of initiative,

  • motivate our teams.

Sustainable development

The World Commission on Environment and Development defines sustainable development as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".

Sustainable development aims to reconcile 3 major stakes:

  • economic performance,

  • the social consequences of a company's actions (with respect to employees, suppliers, customers and the local community),

  • environmental aspects (achieving a balance between a company's activities and the preservation of ecosystems).

Sustainable construction

Sustainable construction aims to limit the impact of buildings on the environment while enhancing their quality in terms of aesthetics, sustainability, durability and strength. Sustainable construction techniques apply across the entire lifecycle of a building, from the selection of initial materials to demolition and recycling.

Sustainable construction signifies in particular:

  • the use of recyclable materials to conserve natural resources,

  • the integration of renewable energy sources into a building's design,

  • the optimization of renewable energy sources.

Leveraging global experience to encourage local dynamism

Lafarge Egypt uses the full range of tools, practices and key performance indicators shared throughout Lafarge to improve our industrial, environmental, social and economic performance.

To ensure that our products are always suited to the needs of the local market, Lafarge Egypt:

  • encourages initiative through effective delegation of responsibilities,

  • shares experiences and best practices,

  • encourages dialogue between local teams and business unit managers at the country level.

Working with local partners

We work closely with local partners and stakeholders to promote environmental, economic and social development in Egypt. We seek to create close ties with the communities we work with and contribute to local economic development, and have partnerships with several non-governmental organizations in Egypt