Worksites are key locations for sustainable construction. Optimizing their management and cost and limiting noise and air pollution - these are all challenges to which Lafarge offers practical solutions.    

Challenge #2: implementation of products

Reducing a worksite's financial, environmental and social cost is crucial. To do this, the Group is developing materials which:

  • offer the best value for money,
  • are fast and simple to implement on site.

Lafarge's technology has made it possible to develop a whole range of products which are more fluid, easier to install and which make worksites more convenient. The amount of time saved also ensures a better carbon footprint and a reduction in pollution to local residents, another focus of Lafarge's R&D work.
Some examples?
In the Gypsum business, Lafarge has concentrated on reducing the "supplied and fitted" cost. All plasterboards are equipped with increasingly powerful solutions to make them easier and faster to fit. 
For renders, Lafarge has designed a "ready-mixed" range which does not produce any dust when sanded. This is an advantage in terms of health and increases professionals' comfort.

As well as new products, to make implementation easier, Lafarge also offers its customers a range of related services such as:

  • support from technical-sales teams,
  • networks of builders for some high-tech products,
  • turnkey solutions for the construction of schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.


Simple installation and perfect finish

Giacomo Penna, plasterboard fitter:

"I am used to working with Synia® plasterboard. This type of board is excellent as it ensures complete flatness: once the taping and joining is done, the surface is completely flat."

A small environmental footprint

Geoff Watson, project manager, Stuart Olson Construction:
"We would like to obtain LEED® Gold, an HQE certification, for the construction of DiscoveryGreen in British Columbia (Canada). Lafarge has suggested ideas and alternatives to reduce the quantity of cement."


Our solutions to this challenge

Agilia®: effortless concrete

Since 2000, Agilia® has been the leader in self-placing and self-leveling concretes.

Its fluid texture makes it effortless to spread: Agilia® flows smoothly into the smallest gaps in framework. It improves working conditions on the worksite, by eliminating the vibration stage, a demanding and noisy process for workers and local residents. This considerably reduces the worksite's social and environmental costs.
Lafarge is the only producer in the world able to control production of self-placing concrete everywhere to the same quality.

Chronolia®: control over time

Launched in 2007, Chronolia® offers a very fast increase in resistance. Framework can be removed from the concrete after just 4 hours of hardening (compared with 12 to 20 hours with a traditional concrete). Particular advantages of this are that it makes it possible to:

  • double the number of daily framework cycles,
  • reduce the duration of worksites,
  • make risk areas safe,
  • catch up after delivery delays.

Chronolia® combines the ease of use of a fluid concrete and very high mechanical resistance as well as optimizing every stage in work onsite.

Dust-free render: healthier, faster

The new render to join plasterboard releases almost no dust when sanded. This makes it more user-friendly, healthier and more productive for professionals.
It is also very pleasant to apply thanks to its creamy texture which means it spreads easily using a filling knife. Finally, it is quick-drying and produces a perfect, effortless finish!

Chape Liquide®: a ready-mixed mortar

Chape Liquide® produces perfectly flat floors as a result of its self-leveling and self-spreading properties.

It offers numerous advantages such as:

  • fast laying and hardening,
  • thermal and acoustic insulation,
  • no need for steel reinforcement,
  • lightweight screeds,
  • a small environmental footprint: since the mortar is made from local sand, its production consumes less natural resources and energy.
Extensia®: eliminating the need for joints

Extensia® concrete is specially designed for laying slabs and industrial floors subject to heavy loads due to traffic or storage. It avoids the need for joints, which are costly and unattractive on large surfaces (up to 400m²) and therefore reduces the risk of cracking.
Extensia® has numerous benefits:

  • use of thinner slabs,
  • no need for steel reinforcement,
  • saves energy during its implementation,
  • resistance to surface abrasion (which avoids the requirement for a protective render and reduces maintenance work).
Sensium®: a new era for cement

A result of Lafarge technology, Sensium® is available as 2 separate products: Sensium® for mortar and Sensium® for concrete. The Group's new range combines 3 major innovations:

  • dust-free technology for greater comfort of use,
  • a new production process,
  • exclusive technical properties.

Sensium® is more malleable and supple for mortar, more fluid and easier to spread for concrete. It requires less effort to implement and so reduces worksite inconvenience.
Its faster hardening time and increased resistance mean work is more efficient and the result longer

PLAtec®: customized low-cost decoration

PLAtec® is a range of gypsum products for interior design.

These gypsum products, exclusive to Lafarge, are prefabricated to order according to the customer's specifications. They can be used to create decorative elements and design unusual interior spaces, pillars, structures, friezes for suspended ceilings, etc.
PLAtec® solutions offer many advantages in addition to this great creative freedom, such as:

  • simplicity of installation,
  • speed,
  • impeccable finishes and control...

... all for a much lower cost than producing equivalent elements directly onsite!

PrégyDéco®: impeccable finishes

PrégyDéco® is a range developed exclusively by Lafarge. They are pre-rendered plasterboard sheets whose decorative joints have the same absorption coefficient.
The use of these 2 elements combined means one of the painting stages is carried out before delivery of the building.

Synia®: perfect finishes

Launched in 2004, Synia® is the first plasterboard with 4 tapered edges. The product's technical specifications guarantee complete flatness of ceilings and large vertical partitions. Compared with traditional plasterboard which only has 2 tapered edges, Synia® provides a perfect finish. Once the sheets are painted or wallpapered, the seams are invisible to the naked eye, even under low-angled lighting.
It is also very easy to use, with all 4 edges of each sheet tapered to simplify installation and save time on the worksite.