Worksites are key locations for sustainable construction. Optimizing their management and cost and limiting noise and air pollution - these are all challenges to which Lafarge offers practical solutions.    

Challenge #2: implementation of products

Reducing a worksite's financial, environmental and social cost is crucial. To do this, the Group is developing materials which:

  • offer the best value for money,
  • are fast and simple to implement on site.

Lafarge's technology has made it possible to develop a whole range of products which are more fluid, easier to install and which make worksites more convenient. The amount of time saved also ensures a better carbon footprint and a reduction in pollution to local residents, another focus of Lafarge's R&D work.
Some examples?
In the Gypsum business, Lafarge has concentrated on reducing the "supplied and fitted" cost. All plasterboards are equipped with increasingly powerful solutions to make them easier and faster to fit. 
For renders, Lafarge has designed a "ready-mixed" range which does not produce any dust when sanded. This is an advantage in terms of health and increases professionals' comfort.

As well as new products, to make implementation easier, Lafarge also offers its customers a range of related services such as:

  • support from technical-sales teams,
  • networks of builders for some high-tech products,
  • turnkey solutions for the construction of schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.


Simple installation and perfect finish

Giacomo Penna, plasterboard fitter:

"I am used to working with Synia® plasterboard. This type of board is excellent as it ensures complete flatness: once the taping and joining is done, the surface is completely flat."

A small environmental footprint

Geoff Watson, project manager, Stuart Olson Construction:
"We would like to obtain LEED® Gold, an HQE certification, for the construction of DiscoveryGreen in British Columbia (Canada). Lafarge has suggested ideas and alternatives to reduce the quantity of cement."


Our solutions to this challenge