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Lafarge Egypt launches valuable initiatives for health, environment, sustainability


Sunday 10 October , 2021

Lafarge Egypt has launched several valuable initiatives for maximizing health and
safety standards, protecting the environment, and optimizing sustainability
Solomon Baumgartner Aviles, CEO of Lafarge Egypt, stated "Unceasingly committed to building progress for people and the planet, along with contributing to community  development, Lafarge Egypt launches various valuable initiatives. We are dedicated to maximizing health and safety standards, in addition to protecting the environment, 
optimizing sustainability. Our continuous endeavors comply with the state's policies and strategy towards creating a better future for Egypt.”
Dr. Noha Bakr, Communications & Corporate Affairs Director of Lafarge Egypt,   commented "Since inception, Lafarge Egypt, a member of Holcim Group, has played  an unprecedented pivotal role in the local community. Not only did the company  thrive with the cement industry and products, but also it inaugurated sustainable  social initiatives exceptionally impacting Egyptians' lives.”
She illustrated "With dedication to combating the pandemic in 2020 & 2021, Lafarge Egypt has maximized its initiatives to cover more underprivileged communities. 
Promoting Health and safety, the company has promptly provided thousands of facemasks, sanitizers and medical gloves, in addition to contributing to repairing 
ventilators in several public hospitals.
We also supported the daily workers with food boxes. As our employees adopt the same ethos of supporting the surrounding community, they participated in our 
initiative titled "people for people” to help incapable people to register for vaccination on the Ministry of Health website.
Extending a helping hand to disadvantaged areas across Egypt with adequate  healthcare services, Lafarge Egypt partners with the governorates and NGOs launching "Al-Momtaz” medical convoys to support citizens nationwide. The convoys covered an array of medical subspecialties and handled minor surgeries, along with providing training sessions for medical staff in public hospitals and health care centers.”
Dr. Noha Bakr added: "Thanks to its cooperative environmental practices, Lafarge  Egypt gained the state's trust. Therefore, the government partnered with Geocycle Egypt to safely dispose the expired pesticides dumped at Alexandria, Safaga&Adabiya ports, protecting Egypt from hazardous accidents such as the Beirut port explosion. Moreover, the company's employees volunteered to offer training on safe driving to  the Egyptian ports' drivers.
All Lafarge Egypt's diligent efforts come in line with its parent company's (Holcim Group) policies, setting an example for the private sector on leveraging all resources to reinforce governments' development plans to thrive with our people and  communities”
"Hand in hand with the Egyptian government and the civil society, we served the  state's vision 2030 by collecting plastic waste from Kafr El Sheik's beaches, and paving the governorate's internal roads. We also subsidize youth's skills, offering them  summer internships in our company to bridge the gap between the academic world and industry.”