Hapi Journal Article

على رأسها الفجوة الكبيرة بين الطاقة اإلنتاجية وحجم الطلب
تحديات جسيمة تواجه صناعة األسمنت
الشركات تخاطب الحكومة لمراجعة ضريبة القيمة المضافة

During his interview with Hapi Journal commenting on the challenges facing the cement industry; Ahmed Abdo, Commercial and Marketing Director at Lafarge Egypt, considered using Natural Gas to overcome the present Crisis as one of the solutions & the positive impact of Egypt's Mega Projects on the Cement industry.
He also stated that Lafarge Egypt is aiming to expand the production of EcoLabel and Pozzolanic cement to decrease CO2 Emissions for building a greener future that works for all.