Investigate - In line with Egypt's hosting the COP27


In line with Egypt's hosting the COP27...

Lafarge Egypt has a Clear Vision to Support Sustainability and Green Economy


Aviles: "Egypt has a promising story when it comes to green economy, there is a clear strategy, and success stories in achieving sustainable development goals. It also has the legacy in organizing international conferences in Sharm el-Sheikh...”

Cairo – February 2022: Within the context of COP27, Lafarge Egypt, a member of Holcim Group, continues its efforts towards in green economy in line with the most ambitious climate goals for 2030. It is looking forward to sharing its global experiences in manufacture of the finest cement that comply with environmental sustainability.

"Egypt has a clear strategy for a better world, in addition to many success stories in achieving sustainable development goals. It also has the legacy in organizing international conferences in Sharm el-Sheikh.” Solomon Baumgartner Aviles, CEO of Lafarge Egypt, said.

In this regard, Lafarge is committed to promote the circular economy; diversifying energy resources from alternative fuels derived from waste, by-products, and biomass. Accordingly, Lafarge has thrived to reach 20% of alternative fuels use, and is seeking to raise this percentage to 50% in the near future. Moreover, Lafarge is conducting extensive research to strengthen the industry in light of climate challenges; reducing energy use. The company has already succeeded in decreasing consumption by 10% during 2021. This is done to be fully in line with the strategy of Holcim, the mother company, to promote the Net Zero agreement as well as the partnership between Holcim Group and SBTi, which looks beyond Vision 2030, setting climate targets in the cement sector by 2050.

"Our vision is focused on producing eco-friendly cement products, characterized by recycled ingredients. Confirming on its serious steps taken towards reducing environmental pollution, Lafarge Egypt produces the widely used pozzolanic cement with lower clinker, which is characterized by reducing carbon emissions by 10%. Additionally, believing in the importance of striving to build a better world for all, Lafarge Egypt works exclusively on two products that reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 60%. More specifically, Lafarge produces two products: ECO Planet and ECO Planet Prime, which is being used for the first time in the Egyptian market,” Solomon added mentioning that Lafarge Egypt uses digitization extensively, to use smart ways to deliver products to customers, and to improve the logistics transportation network to increase its efficiency through the Transportation Analytics Center "TAC", which collects through tracking devices all data related to trucks, roads and drivers' behavior, to be processed through artificial intelligence techniques, and systems Advanced analytics with the aim of guiding the optimal route, increasing the predictability of cement delivery times, improving customer service, better road use and better driver safety, thus reducing transportation carbon emissions as well.



Lafarge Egypt proudly undertakes its social responsibility, as it unites with the community to bring to public attention the importance of the green economy, by providing sessions to raising awareness among journalists. Regarding the voluntary side, Lafarge has allied with Plastic Bank to clean beaches within a Memorandum of Understanding in Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate.