Lafarge Egypt Crowns its Quality Production with Superbrands Award


 Cairo, Egypt - Lafarge Cement Egypt, the leading cement manufacturer in Egypt and the world, announced that it was selected by Superbrands, the international organization which ranks and evaluates brands, as one of the best brands in Egypt. Lafarge received the award during an honoring celebration held on Wednesday, January 19th, Four Seasons Hotel.


"I'm very happy for the selection of Lafarge Egypt as one of the best brands in Egypt. We were awarded after passing Superbrands' strict selection standards. Such selection highlights our genuine commitment to the highest quality standards. This recognition also represents an added-value to the company, and promotes its position as a global leader in cement industry." Eng Ahmed Shebl, Managing Director and General Manager of Lafarge Egypt, commented on this recognition.  


"This recognition is the result of strenuous efforts. We have been working relentlessly in order to provide Egyptian products meeting all the globally recognized specifications, as well as to provide creative solutions fitting the Egyptian market. Thanks to the contribution of more than 1500 Egyptian employees, we have gained the confidence of the Egyptian customer, and are awarded today by Superbrands. Therefore, we dedicate this honor to them all", he added.


Lafarge believes that Egypt is a key market for its business, where the company owns the second largest cement plant in the world, located at Sokhna, with a production capacity of 10 million tons/ year, and more than 1500 Egyptian staff.


Lafarge Cement Egypt is Superbrands-awarded for the first time, thanks to the collaborative efforts of its team who have worked relentlessly to provide comprehensive and creative production, sales, and marketing activities.


The Superbrands Council is composed of prominent and distinguished individuals who have exceptional expertise in ranking brands. This Award is presented in many countries, where selection is based on global quality standards. It is not only an ample evidence of the excellence of the brand; it rather vests more credibility on the company.


It is noteworthy that Lafarge Group operates in 78 countries with more than 78,000 employees, all looking forward to the development of the peoples of these countries. Lafarge Egypt is committed to applying state-of-the-art technologies in the cement industry, through which emissions can be reduced to the lowest in accordance with global regulations.