Lafarge joins Euromoney Egypt Conference "Stability, Investment &amp Growth”


Euromoney returned to Cairo on the 16th and 17th September for its annual gathering of finance and investment professionals. Euromoney brings focus, insight and independence to the debates on Egypt's economic and investment future. That is why it is the biggest and most important conference in the financial calendar. It aims to explain the dynamics of Egypt's changing political, economic, financial, regulatory and monetary systems to the international markets. It looks at the real economy to explain what is actually happening on the ground.



A large number of global and local companies took part in Euromoney, including Lafarge Egypt - which calls for cost-effective sustainable solutions to ensure the social housing sector is one of mutually beneficial returns and as one of the market leaders in building materials- Lafarge Egypt believes in the importance of its role in the field of investment and economic development.


Keynote Speakers: 
H.E. Mr Hany Kadry, Minister of Finance
H.E. Mr Ashraf Salman, Minister of Investment


On 16 September H.E. Mr Hany Kadry started the conference and provided an overview of the macro-economic environment, growth, unemployment, inflation and the subsidy program. He was then followed by H.E. Mr Ashraf Salman who highlighted the investment opportunities upon which the government will concentrate over the next 12 months.


"Adapting to new uses in technology is one of the current challenges we are facing in the development sector," said Mr.Hussein Mansi, CEO of Lafarge Egypt. "As part of our Building Egypt 2030 initiative, Lafarge seeks to build more durable cities using environmentally friendly materials that reduce construction costs and offer modern solutions in line with today's global standards."


Topics included: 
- Egypt's new political landscape - the government's economic strategy
- The country's economic and investment future - return to growth? 
- GCC lifelines - what happens when the funds stop? 
- The role of the IMF and other multilaterals - are they back in the game? 
- Subsidy reform - now or never? 
- Capital markets, IPOs
- Energy, infrastructure and resource challenges.

 All attendees praised the positive steps taken by the government in the direction of the development of the housing sector.