Lafarge Promotes Sustainable Constructions Solutions in Egypt



 Christophe Levy, a Lafarge International Expert in Sustainable Construction Visits Egypt This month!


 [Cairo, Egypt] With its long history of commitment to sustainable development, a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment, Lafarge Egypt announced today the visit of Mr. Christophe Levy, Director of Sustainable Construction, Innovation and Systems in the Lafarge Group, to Egypt on 15th March 2012.


During his visit, Levy will present the case of sustainable construction and demonstrate the advantages of implementing this approach for the social and economic development of Egypt.


Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption today. Sustainable construction provides solutions to address this challenge. Its importance is being recognized in more and more countries, where there is a considerable demand for new buildings, housing in particular, and for a wide range of infrastructures.   Countries with growing economies are also serious about building a sustainable construction industry. It involves promoting an industry that is not only environmentally friendly, but economically and socially sustainable as well.


With increased populations and accelerating growth in local economy, Egypt is well positioned to benefit from sustainable construction approach. This is particularly true in new inhabitant areas and low cost housing projects, where specific building products/systems, can be combined with architectural designs and urban planning schemes, adapted to local circumstances and habits.    This will result in reducing consumption of finite natural resources (including water) and energy, raising the level and quality of employment, building cross-sectoral synergies, and of course providing affordable housing for all including the people on low incomes.


Sustainable construction is a driver for Lafarge innovation. More than 50% of Lafarge's R&D is dedicated to themes related to sustainable construction.